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Simple, quick Interface

Create or join events and upload an image taken from your camera in seconds. Capture That is designed around the user and their ability to share their memories from their perspective with everyone in the same event.

Check out the layout

How it works

Life time events

Once an event is created that's it, it's with you for life. You, your friends and the world will be able to upload to the event anytime so long as you haven't clicked end. All they have to do is enter the ID and the password and you can Capture for life.

Take awesome photos

Click the snap button on the home screen and right away you will be able to share the photo in an event with friends or the world.

Social fun

You can create and join events of your choosing just enter the ID and the event password and you are in. If you create an event just share the event ID and password with friends or the world to get them Capturing.

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